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Should Hospitals Provide Medical Uniforms & Scrubs?

Posted by Jim Wasserson on 5/26/17 4:42 PM

Workers in the healthcare industry are buzzing with questions about uniforms. That’s right, company uniforms. Outside of pay, medical workwear and nursing scrubs are one of the biggest concerns amongst employees in the healthcare industry. Why? Because medical uniforms directly impact employees' level of comfort, confidence, and professional appearance. Healthcare workers have taken to online forums asking questions such as:

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Topics: uniform policy, improving your workplace

How to Get Your Employees on Board with a New Uniform Policy

Posted by Jim Wasserson on 6/28/16 10:00 AM

If you’ve decided to institute a new employee uniform policy, you naturally want the transition to be a success.

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Topics: uniform policy, HR, Implementing Uniform Programs

Being Fair and Consistent with Your Uniform Policy

Posted by Clean Rental on 6/20/16 10:00 AM

Many HR policies are instituted for the purpose of creating a work environment that is fair for all employees, and uniform policies are a prime example. Uniforms help avoid many of the problems that arise when enforcing dress codes, which can be difficult to define. Sometimes, a difficult to define dress code is more than a fairness issue: it’s a safety issue. For example, if your organization requires that all employees wear flame resistant (FR) garments but does not provide them, there’s no way to ensure that every garment employees wear is sufficiently protective without checking each tag.

Providing quality garments and instituting a standardized uniform policy is a good way to show your employees your company cares. Here are some ways to be as fair and consistent as possible with your uniform rules:

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Topics: uniform policy, HR

How to Create a Uniform Policy from Scratch

Posted by Clean Rental on 5/31/16 11:00 AM

Do you want to implement a new uniform policy for your staff, but aren’t really sure where to start? Whether you’re creating a policy for the first time or replacing an old one, you may not be aware of the steps needed to get your company on board with the change. A major part of this process is communicating to your employees about the objective. Additionally, you should create a uniform policy in writing so that expectations are set and clear for your employees at all times.

Here’s how to start and what your uniform policy should contain.

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Topics: uniform policy, improving your workplace, Implementing Uniform Programs

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