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A Uniform Way to Avoid Class 1 Recalls in Food Production

Posted by Clean Rental on 8/21/17 12:27 PM

Contamination of products in the food processing industry is a major cause of public health concerns today. Food recalls can destroy a brand and potentially cost millions of dollars from lost sales, the recall execution process, and dealing with brand reputation management in the aftermath. Take High Liner Foods for example. Thier prolonged recalls have led to an estimated loss of nearly $10 million in 2017 alone. 

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Topics: Food Processing Uniforms, Food Recall

7 Things to Ask When Choosing a Uniform Rental Company

Posted by Clean Rental on 6/12/17 9:42 AM

Instituting a uniform rental program for the first time or unsatisfied with your current vendor? Signing up for a uniform rental service can add professionalism and organization to your business.

When performing your research on uniform rental companies, it’s important to make sure they’re able to answer any questions you have so you know you’re receiving the best service possible. The rental company you choose should be able to answer all of these questions:

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Topics: uniform rental companies

6 Corporate Strategies that Uniforms Support

Posted by Clean Rental on 8/4/16 8:00 AM

Continuous support of corporate strategies is integral to the core success of any business. Uniforms in particular are a major tool that companies are using to help promote their strategies. While implementing uniforms to bolster company productivity is nothing new, today, companies are increasingly subscribing to uniform rental services that supply and maintain uniforms. This allows companies to gain the benefits uniforms provide without having to worry about focusing on them. From promoting a brand’s image to maintaining safety protocols, here’s a list of 6 major corporate strategies uniforms help support:

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Topics: company uniforms, HR, company uniform benefits

Breaking Down OSHA Work Uniform Regulations

Posted by Clean Rental on 7/26/16 10:49 AM

With a multitude of  Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations regarding employee safety, it’s important to stay informed of your industry’s standards as changes are made. OSHA’s general industry regulation (29 CFR 1910) covers all employer standards on providing employees with a safe work environment, proper training with tools, and personal protective equipment (PPE) that meets industry standards. Specifically, regulation 1910.132 encompases all PPE standards. The code requires an initial and annual workplace assessment for potential hazards and the selection of appropriate personal protective equipment to be included with employee uniforms.

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Topics: Uniforms, risk management

3 Important Qualities of a Uniform Rental Company

Posted by Clean Rental on 7/21/16 7:00 AM

If multiple uniform vendors service your area, choosing the right one is a matter of determining who provides the uniform features you need. Most vendors appear the same, offering a catalog of uniforms, trucks to deliver them, and giant washers to keep them clean. Many of them offer services other than uniform rentals, from linens to facility service, food service, and more. When looking for a quality custom uniform vendor that can create a solution for your company’s unique needs, you should find a vendor with the following three qualities:

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Topics: Uniforms

How Uniforms Promote Employee Safety

Posted by Clean Rental on 7/13/16 1:00 PM

Depending on your industry, employee uniforms can serve as a preventative measure for safety hazards. Uniforms made with flame resistant materials, insulation, extra padding, elastic bands, or without pockets are just a few ways in which uniforms can act as personal protective equipment. Whether you’re using uniforms to protect employees against burns and cross contamination or to make them more visible, implementing the right protective uniforms is a great way to create a safer work environment and to show employees you care.

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Topics: employee safety

What You Should Know When Vetting Uniform Rental Contracts

Posted by Clean Rental on 7/6/16 8:00 AM

Implementing a uniform rental program can be an extremely beneficial service for businesses and their employees. While most have great experiences using rental programs, some uniform vendors’ contracts may have hidden costs—if you miss reading these, you could end up stuck in a contract that’s not worth what you originally agreed upon. Uniform rental contracts are typically long term programs ranging in increments of 3, 5, and 7 years, so if you agree to a contract’s terms, you should know exactly what you’re signing up for. Unsure of what you should be aware of when reviewing your uniform rental contract? Here’s a list of the terms and conditions you should know about before signing a rental agreement:

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Topics: uniform rental companies, uniform contracts

Being Fair and Consistent with Your Uniform Policy

Posted by Clean Rental on 6/20/16 10:00 AM

Many HR policies are instituted for the purpose of creating a work environment that is fair for all employees, and uniform policies are a prime example. Uniforms help avoid many of the problems that arise when enforcing dress codes, which can be difficult to define. Sometimes, a difficult to define dress code is more than a fairness issue: it’s a safety issue. For example, if your organization requires that all employees wear flame resistant (FR) garments but does not provide them, there’s no way to ensure that every garment employees wear is sufficiently protective without checking each tag.

Providing quality garments and instituting a standardized uniform policy is a good way to show your employees your company cares. Here are some ways to be as fair and consistent as possible with your uniform rules:

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Topics: uniform policy, HR

A Uniform Initiative to Prevent Workplace Accidents and Injuries

Posted by Clean Rental on 6/16/16 10:00 AM

In the aftermath of a workplace accident, you’re likely to ask yourself what you could have done differently. Let’s take a look at one scenario that is all too common: Your company has been working diligently on a new project for the past month, and everything is running smoothly until a spilled solvent gets on the hands and sleeve of an employee. Your employees react instantly, removing the individual's lab coat, washing off the chemicals, and turning off all burners and heating elementsa serious incident is avoided.

After the incident, employees begin to reconsider their safety precautions. Many considerations relate back to the garments the employee was wearing: Was the employee fully protected by their uniform? Could the event have been prevented with better fitted clothing? Are there less absorbent materials to wear when working with chemicals?

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Topics: employee safety, risk management

How Workplace Comfort Affects Employee Engagement

Posted by Clean Rental on 6/8/16 10:00 AM

Most businesses look for ways to increase work production and customer satisfaction, both of which are factors of employee engagement. Adding comfort to the workplace is an easy way to improve employee engagement and make employees happy to be at their jobs.

Employees need to have their basic needs met. Before you implement any other employee engagement program, it’s a good idea to consider how comfortable your employees are at work. Safety should always be your first concern, but ensuring that your employees are comfortable in your environment will allow them to work to the best of their abilities. Here we’ll discuss how comfort relates to employee engagement and some ideas for making the workplace more comfortable.

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