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Renting Uniforms Can Protect Your Company’s Brand Image

Posted by Jim Wasserson on 12/29/17 1:04 PM

Creating a strong and positive brand image is difficult, so managing how people view your company should always be a top priority. For business owners and brand managers asking themselves, “How can I protect my brand’s image?” providing workwear for your employees can be helpful, but it’s not just about having a consistent look for your company. Employees need to look the part and be approachable. When deciding on workwear solutions for your company, you have the following options:

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Company Uniforms as an Employee Benefit

Posted by Jim Wasserson on 11/21/17 8:08 AM

It may not be immediately obvious, but providing work uniforms can serve as a benefit to your employees and potential candidates for hire. Many employees prefer the cost savings and safety provided by company uniforms rather than having to purchase their own. While it’s a cost to the company to provide uniforms, the benefits passed down to employees often translate into a greater advantage for the company. Many companies who supply their workers with uniforms find that the benefits provided help to promote a high performance work environment through positively influencing the efforts of their workers. Here are some direct employee benefits that your uniforms can provide:

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5 Things to Look for When Choosing a Uniform Rental Company

Posted by Jim Wasserson on 10/27/17 1:08 PM

When choosing a uniform rental and cleaning services provider, there are so many factors to consider. Maybe you've already experienced lackluster service from your uniform rental company and are tired of hidden fees, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

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Topics: Uniforms, Implementing Uniform Programs

Give an Inch, Get a Mile: Letting Employees in on Uniform Decisions

Posted by Jim Wasserson on 9/26/17 10:21 AM

Choosing new company uniforms is a big decision. From custom style and branding to comfort and safety features, it’s important to incorporate everything you need to help drive your company’s success.

While executives often know how they want uniforms to represent their brand, employees are the ones who wear them everyday. This makes employees a great source for suggestions when creating a uniform program to meet your company’s needs.

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A Uniform Way to Avoid Class 1 Recalls in Food Production

Posted by Clean Rental on 8/21/17 12:27 PM

Contamination of products in the food processing industry is a major cause of public health concerns today. Food recalls can destroy a brand and potentially cost millions of dollars from lost sales, the recall execution process, and dealing with brand reputation management in the aftermath. Take High Liner Foods for example. Thier prolonged recalls have led to an estimated loss of nearly $10 million in 2017 alone. 

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Topics: Food Processing Uniforms, Food Recall

Looks Matter: Why You Can't Stick with the Wrong Uniform Vendor

Posted by Jim Wasserson on 7/10/17 9:51 AM

Many companies sign on for uniform programs because they understand that, regardless of their industry, looks matter in business. Unfortunately, many get burned by uniform rental and cleaning services that just aren’t up to snuff. If you’re locked into a long-term contract with a company that can’t satisfy your business’s needs, you already know what it’s like.

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7 Things to Ask When Choosing a Uniform Rental Company

Posted by Clean Rental on 6/12/17 9:42 AM

Instituting a uniform rental program for the first time or unsatisfied with your current vendor? Signing up for a uniform rental service can add professionalism and organization to your business.

When performing your research on uniform rental companies, it’s important to make sure they’re able to answer any questions you have so you know you’re receiving the best service possible. The rental company you choose should be able to answer all of these questions:

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Should Hospitals Provide Medical Uniforms & Scrubs?

Posted by Jim Wasserson on 5/26/17 4:42 PM

Workers in the healthcare industry are buzzing with questions about uniforms. That’s right, company uniforms. Outside of pay, medical workwear and nursing scrubs are one of the biggest concerns amongst employees in the healthcare industry. Why? Because medical uniforms directly impact employees' level of comfort, confidence, and professional appearance. Healthcare workers have taken to online forums asking questions such as:

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Consider This When Comparing Top Uniform Rental Companies

Posted by Jim Wasserson on 4/27/17 3:02 PM

In the search to find the best uniform rental company, chances are you’ve come across a number of national multi-service providers that offer uniform rentals among a list of other services. While initial searches may lead you to large multi-service providers, it’s often the more localized uniform companies that are willing to fit their programs to your business’ unique needs.

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NFPA 2112 & 2113: Protecting Personnel Against Flash Fire

Posted by Jim Wasserson on 3/31/17 11:53 AM

Protecting your personnel should always be a top priority!

The industrial work industry carries a number of hazards and conditions that can cause flash fires. While dangerous, these fire hazards can easily be avoided when the right precautions are taken and the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) is worn. To ensure your company is up to industry code, look to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 2112 and 2113 regulations when selecting your workwear and meeting standards for protecting your personnel.

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Topics: Flame Retardant Uniforms, employee safety

5 Essentials of Food Industry Uniforms for HACCP Compliance

Posted by Jim Wasserson on 2/28/17 11:43 AM

There are two main goals that food processing uniforms need to accomplish: protect the wearer and protect the product.

If employee incidents or product contaminations are recurring issues in your facility, you need to evaluate how your products are being handled. The HACCP food safety clothing your employees wear could be causing the problem. To get food uniforms that comply with HACCP standards, your employee uniforms should cover these five essentials:

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Topics: Food Processing Uniforms, Food Recall, Food Manufacturing, risk management

3 Options for Keeping Company Workwear Clean

Posted by Jim Wasserson on 1/27/17 9:39 AM

If you’ve been tasked with managing a uniform program, the question of “how to keep company uniforms clean and maintained” is unavoidable.

Should you make employees responsible for cleaning their own uniforms?

Provide in-house laundering?

Or partner with a uniform service provider?

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What You Need to Know Before Signing a Uniform Rental Contract

Posted by Jim Wasserson on 1/3/17 9:36 AM

When searching for the perfect uniform rental provider, you’ll come across multiple companies that at first glance seem to offer the same services. There are, however, a number of dissimilarities between uniform contracts that can make a big difference a few years down the road.

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Prevent Work Injuries With Uniforms Made for Exertion

Posted by Jim Wasserson on 12/7/16 7:05 AM

Businesses involved in manual labor industries need to help protect their employees from overexertion. Exertion injuries become all too common when proper lifting and moving techniques aren’t used. This problem, however, becomes compounded when the right tools aren’t provided – and that includes supplying employees with the proper uniforms for the job.

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Topics: employee safety, risk management

How to Reduce Workplace Injuries With Your Uniform Program

Posted by Jim Wasserson on 11/21/16 7:27 AM

An employee has just filled out an incident report. You now have to take the time to process it with your insurance carrier. This can be a daunting process and very costly if you haven’t followed every step for creating a safe work environment. So, how can this be prevented?

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Topics: risk management

Building Company Culture Through Branded Uniforms

Posted by Jim Wasserson on 11/8/16 9:09 AM

The value of a good company culture cannot be overstated. Company culture helps to drive greater productivity and higher customer satisfaction, but creating and building up a quality culture can be difficult. A large part of successfully building culture is through creating a team environment and by having employees attach themselves to your brand. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of branded uniforms.

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3 Key Elements of a Safe Working Environment

Posted by Jim Wasserson on 10/11/16 8:56 AM

Safety in the workplace is a common concern for most facility and lab managers. Whether your company uses heavy machinery or dangerous chemicals, creating a safe working environment should be a top priority. Have you recently assessed the safety precautious your company takes? Here are 3 great safety tips you should be considering to create a safe work environment:

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How Company Uniforms Impact Worker Productivity

Posted by Jim Wasserson on 10/6/16 8:17 AM

Increasing worker productivity is much more than equipping employees with garments that allow them to better complete their jobs. Features like fire and shock protection, waterproofing, chemical resistance, and custom fitting are all very important, but they should already be included if your industry requires them. Uniforms that truly improve worker productivity do so by creating a better work environment and company culture. Here are three ways in which your uniforms can increase worker productivity:

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Using Work Uniforms to Promote Pride and Responsibility

Posted by Jim Wasserson on 9/28/16 8:04 AM

Often when people think of work uniforms, benefits such as branding, compliance with regulations, and sanitation come to mind. It may not be immediately obvious, but the effect of uniforms can be so much more. Putting on a uniform builds a relationship between the business and the employee - employees take on the persona of your brand and represent who you are as a company. This instills employees with a sense of responsibility towards your company, and because uniforms symbolize a level of professionalism within the business, workers are likely to have more pride in what they do.

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Increasing Occupational Safety by Renting Work Uniforms

Posted by Jim Wasserson on 9/20/16 7:00 AM

When working in an industry regulated by OHSA standards, finding a knowledgeable uniform vendor can help keep your company’s occupational health and safety programs in check. It’s important to not only supply your employees with the appropriate protective uniforms, but also to maintain the garments in order to keep an increased level of employee safety. When working with the right vendor, including uniforms that improve your work health and safety programs can be easy. Here are 3 important considerations that will ensure your uniform program is a success:

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Developing a Communications Calendar with Your Uniform Vendor

Posted by Jim Wasserson on 9/7/16 7:30 AM

When partnering with a vendor, it’s important to keep a good line of communication open between the vendor rep and your company’s point of contact. Whether that person is you or someone else in your company, time is always limited, so communications with your vendor should be planned and productive. Accomplishing this can be as easy as setting up annual meetings that can be followed through the duration of your vendor contract. Start with a beginning of the year meeting to discuss your business needs and goals in relation to your vendor. Then you can plan quarterly meetings to rehash your goals or to address any changes to make sure your vendor will be ready during times when your business needs them the most. It’s a good idea to create a communications calendar for your uniform vendor and make sure they understand your yearly expectations. Plan to cover the following concerns as they apply to your business:

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Customizing Professional Uniforms While Meeting NFPA 70E Standards

Posted by Jim Wasserson on 8/29/16 7:00 AM

Some businesses end up with bulky or plain uniforms when trying to be compliant with NFPA 70E standards. With the right uniform vendor, you can actually customize unique uniforms for your business that keep your workers safe while looking professional. While safety should be your first priority, equipping your workers with professional looking uniforms will not only boost employee morale, but also help build your brand’s image. Here are some tips to follow for making professional quality uniforms while providing the safety your employees need:

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Topics: Flame Retardant Uniforms, employee safety, risk management

7 Tips for Managing Multiple Vendors

Posted by Jim Wasserson on 8/23/16 8:46 AM

A vendor for uniforms, a vendor for cleaning, another for mechanical services, and a few others for exterior maintenance and trade services. For many businesses, vendors play a key role in day to day success, but managing multiple vendors can be overwhelming, so it’s important to maintain a good line of communication with all of your vendors. This will also help with preparing your business for contingencies. When managing multiple vendors, follow these helpful tips to build a strong business relationship and ensure you're getting the greatest value out of their services:

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Uniform Rental Company

Posted by Jim Wasserson on 8/10/16 3:40 PM

Whether you have questions, complaints, or changes that need to be made, your uniform rental company should be more than willing to work with you—and you should be willing to work with them! What isn’t brought to attention will always go unheard. So, to get the most value out of your service, don’t be timid in asking for additional customization or services!

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6 Corporate Strategies that Uniforms Support

Posted by Clean Rental on 8/4/16 8:00 AM

Continuous support of corporate strategies is integral to the core success of any business. Uniforms in particular are a major tool that companies are using to help promote their strategies. While implementing uniforms to bolster company productivity is nothing new, today, companies are increasingly subscribing to uniform rental services that supply and maintain uniforms. This allows companies to gain the benefits uniforms provide without having to worry about focusing on them. From promoting a brand’s image to maintaining safety protocols, here’s a list of 6 major corporate strategies uniforms help support:

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Breaking Down OSHA Work Uniform Regulations

Posted by Clean Rental on 7/26/16 10:49 AM

With a multitude of  Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations regarding employee safety, it’s important to stay informed of your industry’s standards as changes are made. OSHA’s general industry regulation (29 CFR 1910) covers all employer standards on providing employees with a safe work environment, proper training with tools, and personal protective equipment (PPE) that meets industry standards. Specifically, regulation 1910.132 encompases all PPE standards. The code requires an initial and annual workplace assessment for potential hazards and the selection of appropriate personal protective equipment to be included with employee uniforms.

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3 Important Qualities of a Uniform Rental Company

Posted by Clean Rental on 7/21/16 7:00 AM

If multiple uniform vendors service your area, choosing the right one is a matter of determining who provides the uniform features you need. Most vendors appear the same, offering a catalog of uniforms, trucks to deliver them, and giant washers to keep them clean. Many of them offer services other than uniform rentals, from linens to facility service, food service, and more. When looking for a quality custom uniform vendor that can create a solution for your company’s unique needs, you should find a vendor with the following three qualities:

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How Uniforms Promote Employee Safety

Posted by Clean Rental on 7/13/16 1:00 PM

Depending on your industry, employee uniforms can serve as a preventative measure for safety hazards. Uniforms made with flame resistant materials, insulation, extra padding, elastic bands, or without pockets are just a few ways in which uniforms can act as personal protective equipment. Whether you’re using uniforms to protect employees against burns and cross contamination or to make them more visible, implementing the right protective uniforms is a great way to create a safer work environment and to show employees you care.

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What You Should Know When Vetting Uniform Rental Contracts

Posted by Clean Rental on 7/6/16 8:00 AM

Implementing a uniform rental program can be an extremely beneficial service for businesses and their employees. While most have great experiences using rental programs, some uniform vendors’ contracts may have hidden costs—if you miss reading these, you could end up stuck in a contract that’s not worth what you originally agreed upon. Uniform rental contracts are typically long term programs ranging in increments of 3, 5, and 7 years, so if you agree to a contract’s terms, you should know exactly what you’re signing up for. Unsure of what you should be aware of when reviewing your uniform rental contract? Here’s a list of the terms and conditions you should know about before signing a rental agreement:

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How to Get Your Employees on Board with a New Uniform Policy

Posted by Jim Wasserson on 6/28/16 10:00 AM

If you’ve decided to institute a new employee uniform policy, you naturally want the transition to be a success.

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Being Fair and Consistent with Your Uniform Policy

Posted by Clean Rental on 6/20/16 10:00 AM

Many HR policies are instituted for the purpose of creating a work environment that is fair for all employees, and uniform policies are a prime example. Uniforms help avoid many of the problems that arise when enforcing dress codes, which can be difficult to define. Sometimes, a difficult to define dress code is more than a fairness issue: it’s a safety issue. For example, if your organization requires that all employees wear flame resistant (FR) garments but does not provide them, there’s no way to ensure that every garment employees wear is sufficiently protective without checking each tag.

Providing quality garments and instituting a standardized uniform policy is a good way to show your employees your company cares. Here are some ways to be as fair and consistent as possible with your uniform rules:

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A Uniform Initiative to Prevent Workplace Accidents and Injuries

Posted by Clean Rental on 6/16/16 10:00 AM

In the aftermath of a workplace accident, you’re likely to ask yourself what you could have done differently. Let’s take a look at one scenario that is all too common: Your company has been working diligently on a new project for the past month, and everything is running smoothly until a spilled solvent gets on the hands and sleeve of an employee. Your employees react instantly, removing the individual's lab coat, washing off the chemicals, and turning off all burners and heating elementsa serious incident is avoided.

After the incident, employees begin to reconsider their safety precautions. Many considerations relate back to the garments the employee was wearing: Was the employee fully protected by their uniform? Could the event have been prevented with better fitted clothing? Are there less absorbent materials to wear when working with chemicals?

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How Workplace Comfort Affects Employee Engagement

Posted by Clean Rental on 6/8/16 10:00 AM

Most businesses look for ways to increase work production and customer satisfaction, both of which are factors of employee engagement. Adding comfort to the workplace is an easy way to improve employee engagement and make employees happy to be at their jobs.

Employees need to have their basic needs met. Before you implement any other employee engagement program, it’s a good idea to consider how comfortable your employees are at work. Safety should always be your first concern, but ensuring that your employees are comfortable in your environment will allow them to work to the best of their abilities. Here we’ll discuss how comfort relates to employee engagement and some ideas for making the workplace more comfortable.

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How to Create a Uniform Policy from Scratch

Posted by Clean Rental on 5/31/16 11:00 AM

Do you want to implement a new uniform policy for your staff, but aren’t really sure where to start? Whether you’re creating a policy for the first time or replacing an old one, you may not be aware of the steps needed to get your company on board with the change. A major part of this process is communicating to your employees about the objective. Additionally, you should create a uniform policy in writing so that expectations are set and clear for your employees at all times.

Here’s how to start and what your uniform policy should contain.

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Topics: uniform policy, improving your workplace, Implementing Uniform Programs

Risk Management: How Company Uniforms Decrease Incidents

Posted by Clean Rental on 5/19/16 6:53 PM

Risk management poses itself as a big issue for many companies. Often, when facilities have high rates of injury, their turnover rates tend to be high; plus, they have fewer resources because of costs spent dealing with incidents. This can make companies hesitant to invest their limited resources in new solutions. However, the right uniform design can go a long way to decreasing the risk of accidents and can be a good long-term investment. Here are some of the many ways your uniform design can help with risk management.

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Topics: employee safety, uniform design ideas, risk management, company uniform benefits

How Uniforms Help to Create a High Performance Work System

Posted by Clean Rental on 5/10/16 10:00 AM

Considering an employee uniform program for your company? You may have already realized that uniforms help to create a high performance work system (HPWS). If you haven’t encountered the phrase HPWS, it is a set of management principles that increase organization and enhance employee’s work performance. Benefits of incorporating uniforms in your HPWS include:

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Topics: improving your workplace, company uniform benefits

Top 4 Reasons Employees Love Company Uniforms

Posted by Clean Rental on 4/26/16 8:46 AM

If you’re looking for ways to improve your workplace, you may be considering a uniform program. Why have company uniforms? Uniforms are sometimes required due to regulations, but organizations institute uniforms for a variety of reasons.

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Topics: Uniforms, Implementing Uniform Programs

The Nuts and Bolts Behind Flame Resistant Clothing

Posted by Clean Rental on 3/10/16 12:50 PM

Fire causes thousands of on-the-job clothing-related employee injuries each year, and many are preventable by ensuring employees have clothing that keeps them safe. Employers have a responsibility to provide employees with flame retardant clothing (FRC), which is quite literally an employee lifesaver.

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Topics: Flame Retardant Uniforms

5 Ways to Increase Food Manufacturing Efficiency

Posted by Clean Rental on 3/10/16 12:42 PM

Many of America's favorite food brands are currently facing a big challenge: increasing their profitability in an ever-competitive marketplace with mature products and low opportunity for growth. In order to succeed, food manufacturers will need to achieve maximum efficiency, and they’ll need to invest in their equipment, R&D, technology, and workforce. 

Here are 5 ways to make your food manufacturing facility more productive.

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Topics: Food Manufacturing, Cost Efficiency

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