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5 Things to Look for When Choosing a Uniform Rental Company

Posted by Clean Rental on 3/10/16 9:43 AM

When choosing a uniform design, rental, and cleaning services partner, there are so many factors to consider. Maybe you've already experienced lackluster service from your uniform rental company and are tired of hidden fees, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

The right uniform rental company will have no trouble streamlining your uniform solutions, providing excellent customer service, and remaining flexible to what your business needs. Below are some of the major things to look for in a uniform rental company.


1. Customized uniform solutions that fit your needs

Very few uniform solutions providers work with every manufacturer and every industry. Find a uniform company that delivers uniforms from standard scrubs to executive wear and everything in between.

2. Responsiveness: Answering when you call

Call centers and recorded loops are frustrating time and money wasters.  Look for a uniform company that answers the phone when you call. Ideally, your company will provide a team dedicated to understanding your business needs, ensuring things are done right the first time.

3. One centralized location for services

Look for a turn-key operation: a uniform solutions partner that monitors all uniform services from one central location. One location will keep your uniform operation running smoothly with a stockroom full of core garments and repair stations under one roof.

4. Garment tracking to prevent losses

Uniform tracking errors cost you time and money. Look for a uniform rental company that uses multiple checkpoints, bar-code tracking, and itemized billing to eliminate your losses and keep your employees dressed for success.

5. A positive track record

Before signing a contract with a uniform rental company, it’s best to read testimonials and ask for references. If you only find negative reviews of a particular company, chances are customers aren’t very satisfied, and you don’t want to end up in that situation again yourself.


If a company has these 5 things, chances are they’ll bebetter equipped to provide you with the service you need. Do your research before deciding which company will be your partner in renting uniform solutions that fit.


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